Inbound Call Center Services


CallCell is an experienced and trusted hotline provider for businesses with emergency calls. We provide round-the-clock service and open telephone lines to receive user alerts. Available 24/7, our hotline has both digital and live operator capabilities, providing the flexibility you need to meet your business needs. Whether you are a small organization or a global corporation, we have the technology, dedicated staff, and expertise to implement solutions that meet not only your specifications but also your budget.

Help Desk

Whether you are an IT support company or providing medical or financial services, your clients and customers expect their needs to be addressed professionally and on time. We have 24/7 technically trained staff who can understand the nature of your services and products and offer you the right solution. By using the Technical Support service, we will provide you with faster service, better collaboration and a personalized approach, as well as faster return on investment.

Customer Care

In this highly competitive economy, retaining customers is vital for any company. Most people feel more comfortable talking to a live company representative than leaving a message on an answering machine. Your staff may not be able to answer every call, even during business hours, forcing your customers to wait or retry later. Through our service, users have the opportunity to make inquiries, complaints or submit information related to your company's products or services at a convenient time for them. Keep your customers happy by providing them with a 24/7 professional customer service center.

Order Processing Services

When you have an online market, you are officially open 24/7. As much as you want to rely mainly on internet commerce, some customers still need to place orders by phone. This often requires the provision of telephone support to assist with order processing. If they do not place their order with you when they wish, they may decide to place it on your competition. Our call outsourcing service gives your customers the quick answers they are looking for and allows them to place their orders both outside of business hours and holidays. In addition to providing customers with convenience, our service contributes to the legitimacy of your work and helps to improve your professional image. We offer you a solution to meet your demand without dramatically increasing your costs and ultimately improving the end result.

Back Office

Working with business resources, information processing, maintaining business reputation, customer satisfaction, and more. they also create delays and obstacles that hinder business goals. In such a situation, hiring a back-office support service provider can offer stress relief and business growth. Back office outsourcing services can help you and your team save time focusing on your more important core business goals, and therefore greater efficiency. With extensive experience in outsourcing back-office services, excellent service quality and a high level of professionalism, Kol Sel Bg's team is able to meet all these expectations. We can offer you:
- Respond professionally and personally to your customers' requests based on your model and instructions
- Take on the burden from the administrator at more than normal call volumes
- Corporate documentation service - preparation and dispatch
- Archive and manage correspondence from and to the client
- Database processing and updating

Line for customer service about promotional games, campaigns, etc.

Consumers have the opportunity to receive information, register for participation and check the result of their participation in a promotional game or campaign at a convenient time for them 24/7/365 days a year, with 100% inbound traffic accepted.

Virtual Office & Secretary Service

CallCell offers you an easy and fast way to organize a Virtual Business Office. With this service, any business can build a recognizable vision, guarantee the security of its correspondence, as well as protect its legal and business interests. Your Virtual Office always has a representative to liaise with your clients. Mobility is more than a necessity, it is a way of working. Today, you can afford to have time, be anywhere and at the same time, your virtual office is working for you. Office costs are kept to a minimum while enjoying high efficiency, security and time. The Virtual Office service offers you:
- Ability to automatically voice information, leave a message, build a system of recorded messages and select an option from the voice menu
- Corporate documentation service - preparation and dispatch
- Archive and manage correspondence from and to the client
Call now! We are here for your business 24/7

Outbound Call Center Services


Telemarketing is a tried and tested personalized marketing method that offers an extremely high return on investment. You can integrate our Telemarketing services with the launch of your product or service strategy to promote them. Telemarketing can be used when a doctor wants to remind patients for examinations or for announcing an emergency. The service is also suitable for companies in need of surveys or fundraising. In addition to selling your products or services, reminders, and surveys, the service can be used to generate and qualify potential customers, clean up and update marketing lists, raise funds, and register people for an event. Our team specializes in:
- Event management - registration for seminars, conferences, events
- Notification/Presentation campaigns - Presentation of new products or services to end/corporate clients; information campaigns to resellers, distributors, partners, etc.
- Marketing surveys/Surveys - Consumer opinion and evaluation; a degree of customer satisfaction; after-sales/service, etc.
- Business Meetings - Presentation of products or services in order to arrange business meetings with potential customers
- Promotional games, campaigns and more - contacting the winning participants, withdrawing contact information for receiving prizes, etc.

Direct phone sales

The sales process requires maintaining regular contacts with groups of potential customers. One of the most effective and economical ways of selling is by making a phone call - a distance transaction. This method allows you to reach a large number of potential customers in a short period of time. The Remote Sales service is appropriate for companies that already have or have had relationships with certain clients, are about to expire and may be offered preferential terms of the continuation of service or customers who may be offered other products or services who have not used it before (Direct Sales, Up-selling, Cross-selling).

Video marketing and video advertising

CallCell is one of the pioneers in Bulgaria in creating the market for digital online video applications.

We are guided by the understanding that effective modern communication today is transformed from the exchange of data and documents through voice and e-mail, to the implementation of interactive video tools through which we achieve an effective online presence.

On-line video communications allow not only the transfer of audio-visual information but also the creation of a linking effect, of two-way and multilateral communication, which significantly increases the speed of perception and accessibility of information.

The video communication platform that we use for the needs of our clients and distribute not only in Bulgaria enables us to seamlessly organize video conferences and live broadcasts for an unlimited number of participants. Creating and distributing video emails and multi-media newsletters are literally minutes away and have incredible efficiency in serving end-users.

The platform has an automated marketing and advertising system, consisting of an electronic subscription form and a video autoresponder, which significantly increases the efficiency of the distribution of video electronic content.

Other services

- Databases - segmenting, structuring, filling, updating according to client's specified criteria
- IVR - design, build and service of Interactive Voice Response applications for clients
- Information search
- Outsourced Jobs - Provision of a telecommunication resource containing all the functionality of the Kol Sel BG platform at the address specified by the client
- Smart direct mailing - sending e-mails to a large group of users, developing a request form for interest in specific products or services